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Access to, and training for, the FEI Tecnai Polara

Use of the Polara is restricted to those individuals who specifically need the features of that instrument, specifically the more stable stage, the field emission gun (FEG), the higher accelerating voltage, the tomography software or the automatic data collection software. It is expected that users of the Polara will already be accomplished microscopists who are familiar with high-end, FEI Tecnai microscopes. Accommodations will be made for those individuals with extensive microscopy experience on other microscopes. Infrequent users of the microscope will not be allowed to load cartridges into the multi-specimen holder or insert them into the microscope. Training for this instrument will include operation of the FEG, adding nitrogen to the dewars, using the cryo-transfer station, and using the multi-specimen (selection) holder and insertion rod.
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