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CryoElectron Microscopy Facilities

FEI Polara and Sphera Microscopes
The Tecnai G2 Polara is a 300KV microscope equipped with a field emission gun (FEG). It has a newly developed stage that allows for examination of multiple, vitrified samples at either liquid nitrogen or liquid helium temperatures. The Sphera is a 200KV instrument equipped with a LaB6 electron gun and it uses the standard cryotransfer holders developed by Gatan, Inc. Both microscopes are completely computer controlled with the Tecnai GUI interface that runs under the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. The Polara is also equipped with the FEI tomography image acquisition software, SerialEM tomography software, and the Leginon image acquistion system.

Both microscopes are available for use on a recharge basis, however use of the Polara will be restricted to those scientists whose projects require the use of liquid helium, the higher resolution afforded by the FEG, or the greater stability of the Polara's Compustage. Training is available for both instruments. For more information click on the Microscope Access button above or contact James Bouwer.

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