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Batch Converting DM3 Files with ImageJ

Digital Micrograph has a feature that batch converts DM3 files into tiffs however it is somewhat buggy and sometimes several attempts are needed to convert all of the files in a directory. The newer versions of the free program, ImageJ, has a conversion function that is much faster and does not have the bugs. For older versions of ImageJ you will also need the DM3 reader plugin. That plugin is built into the newest versions. Here are the steps for converting your files.
  1. Open ImageJ and in the top menu find "Process/Batch/Convert.." .ImageJ
  2. Select your Input and Output directories.
  3. Choose your output format. This is often JPEG, PNG or 8-bit TIFF. Other versions of TIFF are incompatible with most image editing programs.
  4. If you are not increasing or decreasing your file size (not recommended at this point) you can skip the Interpolation and Scale Factor.
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