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FEI Tecnai G2 Polara

FEI Polara Microscope
  • Schottky field emitter
  • Operates at voltages up to 300KV
  • Cs = 2.3 mm
  • Multispecimen holder can store up to 6 sample cartridges
  • The Compustage goniometer allows for +/- 70 degrees of tilt.
  • Specimens can be maintained at either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen temperatures in the microscope for long periods of time.
  • It has a Gatan Ultrascan 4000 UHS CCD camera that was designed for a 300KV electron source. The camera has a 16 mega-pixel (4k X 4k, 15 micron pixel size), Peltier-cooled, CCD chip and it is equipped with an ultra-high sensitivity phosphor scintillator. The camera is mounted on-axis under the microscope column and it is connected via an optical cable to the computer of the microscope.
  • A standard film camera that holds 56 sheets of film is also available
  • It has a cryo package that allows the user to collect data on extremely beam-sensitive, vitrified samples without damaging the sample. The package includes an improved anticontaminator, Low Dose software, and a cryo-protection cycle for the ion getter pump.
  • It has Gatan Digital Micrograph software for operating the CCD camera and for manipulating the resultant images.
  • It has two, NEC 20 in. LCD color monitors. These allow the operator to monitor and control the conditions of the microscope in the numerous windows of the operating system as well as view the collected digital data.
  • It has Gatan HREM Autotune software for automatic correction of imaging parameters with the CCD camera.
  • It has FEI Tomography and Xplore3D tomographic software. This software allows the researchers to collect three-dimensional data on samples by taking successive images at various degrees of tilt and computing a three-dimensional reconstruction from the data.
  • It has Tecnai Scripting and Photomontage software.
  • The Leginon automated microscopy package from The Scripps Research Institute is available.

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