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Accessing Your EM Data Through the File Server PDF file

A major problem of putting flash drives directly into the microscope computer is the threat of viruses. A particularly malevolent virus could shut the microscope down. A fileserver protects the microscope but it also means that you can access your image files from anywhere including your home computer. Here are the steps for transferring and accessing your files.

Please remember to remove your files from the file server when you have them safely on your computer. The file server does not have unlimited storage. Old files may be removed without advance notice.

  1. On the microscope computer go to the Desktop and then to: My Computer/Tools/Map Network Drive.server directions
  2. In the Drive: box hit the down arrow and select one of the unused drive letters that are shown.
  3. In the Folder: box type in “\\cryoemserver.ucsd.edu
    \{microscope}” (Note that those are back slashes not the forward slashes you see in a URL. Don’t include the quotation marks and {microscope} means either the Sphera or Polara).
  4. Check the Reconnect at logon box and hit Finish. The file server shows up in My Computer just like any peripheral attached to the computer. Create a folder and put your name in the title. Save your files directly to your folder and not to the microscope computer hard drive.server directions
  5. Note: Your files will not be private. Anyone who has been given access to the microscopes can see your files. The fileserver is also not to be used for long-term storage so it is best to delete your files from the server as soon as they are safely in your possession.
  6. Your files can be retrieved either from the Linux computers in the next room or through an FTP program. Users will be given accounts to access these computers.
  7. Plug your flash drive into the Linux machine and log on. To find your files open up the following folders: Computer/Filesystem/mnt/{microscope}/{yourfoldername}. Now you can click and drag your files like you would on a PC or Mac.
  8. LIinux screen
  9. To safely eject your flash drive right click on the icon and choose Unmount Volume.
  10. When you have looked at your files on your home computer please delete them from the server.
  11. To log out of the Linux computer go up to Actions/Log out. Check the Save Current setup box so you will see the same folders open next time.
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