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Open Positions in the Lab

Undergraduate students with exceptional programming skills who are comfortable working in a Linux/Unix environment are encouraged to contact us about available positions in the lab. Experience with C, Fortran, Perl, Python, or Motif is especially relevant. Interest in structural biology is helpful, but not necessary since the emphasis will be on software and computational issues. New students would likely focus on code cleanup and writing internal documentation while they familiarize themselves with our complex software suite. Based on their interests and the needs of the lab, students could then transition to tasks such as writing high-quality external documentation, developing comprehensive test suites, implementing new code features or numerical algorithms, improving the scalability of parallel applications, addressing portability issues, troubleshooting user problems, or creating automated solutions for common image processing tasks.

Please be prepared to submit your transcript, resume with relevant experience and computer skills, and a short statement about what you hope to accomplish if you were to join the lab group.

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