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Copying Data to SDSC

Dr. Jinghua Tang , July 2006

We have installed HSI on our lab Linux boxes. HSI is a FTP-like interface to the High Performance Storage System at the San Diego Super Computer Center. In order to use it you need to get the authentication file from the TeraGrid system. Follow these procedures by logging onto the TeraGrid:
  1. Type "cd~" (without quotes both here and below).
  2. Type "ls.hsirc".
  3. Type "ls.private". (If you do not have these files on DataStar look at the output of step 2.)
  4. Type "scp .hsirc your-username@local-machine-name:~/.".
  5. Type "scp -r .private your-username@local-machine-name:~/.".
  6. Then type "hsi" to start.
For more info look at: http://www.sdsc.edu/user_services/hpss/hsi.html.

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