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From High to Low

This site contains information on how you can compute low-resolution density from an atomic model. This method is described in D. M. Belnap, A. Kumar, J. T. Folk, T. J. Smith, and T. S. Baker (1999) Low-Resolution Density Maps from Atomic Models: How Stepping 'Back' Can Be a Step 'Forward' J. Struct. Biol., 125:166-175. There are four basic steps to the method (detailed instructions are given under the links):

1. Retrieve an atomic model.
2. Edit the model to make it suitable for either the XPLOR or for CCP4 programs.
3. Compute structure factors with XPLOR or with CCP4.
4. Compute the 3D density with XPLOR or CCP4.

Additional useful programs: EMSF3DBT and DealPDB (manipulates PDB files)

XPLOR and CCP4 resources.

For more information contact Dr. David Belnap at Brigham Young University (801) 422-9163.

Last edited July 19, 1999
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